The line is the Basis
Caroline Messensee, 2008


The line is the basis. Without line there is no form. This is what Laurent Ajina’s work is all about. Lines and forms, connections and links, cables and waves. With his site specific installations, Ajina is exploring spaces, places and their inherent structures. He rewrites them in his characteristic vocabulary giving a new perspective somewhere between chaos and perfect order. Laurent Ajina makes visible what is hidden and puts shadow on the most evident, a reflection on the non identifiable context, the useless. Emanation of energy develops networks between overcharged chaos and multiplication of different points of view. Ajina is creating interfering systems representing concrete and abstract connections linking us to each other. He establishes transitions in order to create chain reactions. These are interactions meant to reconstruct and regenerate the system. His installations include wall drawings, canvases and/or large scale paper works, as well as modular small sculptural elements. The line and the module, the line on the module this is what Ajina utilizes to extend his endless network of visual referencing from Paris to Naples to Basel to Istanbul to Vienna to New York.